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Prayer Journey

Posted by rickhill on July 28, 2007


Today was the last of the 7 monthly prayer gatherings in the run up to Spark. It’s been amazing to set time aside each month and come together with lots of Spark participants and supporters to bring all our requests, dreams, burdens and thanks to God!

Prayer isn’t just an add on for us. Or a nice thing for us to do. Or another box to tick in our preparation lists. Instead, it’s a vital part of everything we do. Intertwined in all that we will do during the week of Spark will be a continual offering up of our projects, activities, events, and, most of all, our lives to a God whom we know personally, yet who holds all authority and power under heaven and earth.

And so over the next 7 days here on the Spark 07 blog we are going to be leading you through a prayer journey to prepare us for the work God wants to do in us and through us over the next wee while.

Each day you will find a new thought and topic for prayer so please read along and join us in prayer. We also want to invite you all to add your own prayers through the comment feature.

Praying. Together.

Uniting. Loving. Being


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