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5. Small details – Spark Prayer Journey

Posted by rickhill on August 3, 2007

With 1 day left before Spark 07 commences, there are lots and lots of small details that still need to be put in place before all our volunteers arrive tomorrow. Yeah the main plans are in place and things seem under control, but there are many minor details that many people will be involved in today and tomorrow morning.

Making up 190 volunteer packs, picking up posters, setting up the halls, worship team practising, buying first aid kits, printing, photocopying, praying…

But isn’t it amazing that our God is the Lord of small details as well as the huge things. Just look at creation. The vastness of the galaxies, stars and solar systems, yet the intricate designs of flower petals, human eyes and the fish of the sea. The small details of God’s creation always adds to the grand design and the bigger picture. Awesome!

And these small details that are being finalised over the next 24 hours are important to God. And are vitally important to the smooth running of Spark. So let’s make it our focus for prayer today. Let’s ask God to be Lord over every single small thing to do with Spark 07.

Thanks for all your prayers this week. Keep going!


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