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6. Ready – Spark Prayer Journey

Posted by rickhill on August 3, 2007

After 12 months of vision casting, plans sharing, preparation meetings, praying gatherings and organising we stand on the eve of Spark 07. We’re fed up of talking about it and just can’t wait for the action to get underway! We say it a lot but we’re genuinely excited about playing a part in building God’s Kingdom in Ballymena and beyond. What a privilege!

So all the plans are in place and preparations done…and we’re ready to go. We hand our feeble efforts back over to God. We place them firmly into His hands, trusting that He has been guiding us every step of the way.

And so today we simply pray:

“Father, have Your way through all that we’ve done. The build up is over and the plans are in place. We give everything to You, asking You to multiply it to impact and change the lives of countless people. Blow our minds with what You can do through us small and weak people! Holy Spirit, breathe Your life and breath into every project and event. Cause people to turn to You and realise their need of Jesus. All for Your glory. Amen”


” ‘But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish!’ they answered.
‘Bring them here,’ Jesus said.”

Matthew 14:17-18


One Response to “6. Ready – Spark Prayer Journey”

  1. anonymous said

    God, have your way through everything that’s done in spark. may it change so many lives!!

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