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a flame or a flicker?

Posted by rickhill on August 26, 2007

Well it’s exactly 2 weeks ago since Spark 07 drew to a close. But yet, while events and initiatives fade, we continue to hear countless stories of how God is living on in your hearts and lives in special ways, and of how the legacy of Spark 07 is still touching the town of Ballymena!

It’s hard to put the whole week into words. In fact, we can’t! So many stories, encounters and changed lives. 7 areas impacted by a bunch of servants pursuing a radical kingdom. 180+ volunteers determined to not this spark by a flicker, but one that lights a flame. 1 God who’s name will last forever!

Every participant has their own highlights, their own stories of how they saw God move firsthand. It may be a kid from the travelling community in Dunclug who responded to the games, fun nights and clean up with a simple thanks. Or it might be the Polish kid who sang Jesus is the Rock louder than anyone thought possible? Maybe it was about the garden cleaned in Harryville that was once taller than any of us. Or what about the woman who wept as she was prayed with in Ballee? Or the old man at the bottom of the Fisherwick estate who had never seen the church at his front door before? Perhaps it was the puppet show that attracted scores of people on the Doury Road? Or else the little kid who learned to dance in Ballykeel before hearing a story of how someone was freed to dance in Jesus?

And as well as all that, each volunteer has taken away a fresh passion for God. A new love for Jesus. And a desire to serve Him every day you are given. But for me, this one image speaks louder than all our words and stories, while somehow summarising the whole week.


Young meeting old on the doorsteps of communities. The church face to face with the needs that surround. Humble yet passionate. Determined yet serving. In the world but not of it.

Keep kneeling…


One Response to “a flame or a flicker?”

  1. emmsy said

    What a privillege it has been to be a small part of this… Here’s praying God continues to challenge us to meet our communities on their doorsteps, to be Jesus to them when noone else will.

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