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2 months and 11 days later…

Posted by rickhill on October 23, 2007

on our travels recently around ballymena we’ve spotted a few of these still on the wrists of some spark-ers!! unbelievable…have you washed??


only joking…it’s great to get that reminder from these simple little wrist bands that the memory of Spark 07 lives on in your hearts and minds. keep going!!

this photo is from a Spark-er who revealed her bracelet to us on Sunday night at Mission’s Flame. (more on that night soon!) is anyone else still wearing theirs??


One Response to “2 months and 11 days later…”

  1. Hannah Acheson said

    o yeah that is mine and yes i do wash i wash every day just to let u know!!!
    it has been great going into school and people asking me about why im wearing this wrist band and then i get to explain what i did over the summer in our town and its a great way for me to shine my light for God!

    love you all

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