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while earth slept cd & tour

Posted by rickhill on December 9, 2008

Monday 22nd December: 7.30 – 9pm
Ballymena Baptist Church

A night of inspirational Christmas worship to launch the brand new ‘while earth slept’ album: a collection of songs and thoughts from a variety of people taking us through the Christmas story in a fresh and relevant way.

With music from Stewart McIlrath, Ruth Williams and the Spark worship team, a message from Rick Hill, alongside multimedia, thoughts, interviews and a few Christmas nibbles, it promises to be a heart stirring time at this special time of the year.

Entry is free. CD’s being sold on the night for £10 each with all proceeds going to two charities – ‘Out of Africa Missions’ and ‘MacMillan Cancer Care’.



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spark 08

Posted by rickhill on August 11, 2008

began today!!

really positive start. beautiful to see over 200 young volunteers get stuck into action in 7 areas across the town. many projects underway and lots of communities to impact in positive ways.

photos to follow…

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spark prayer journey #5 – naive grace

Posted by sarah hill on August 8, 2008

Today I want to share a little from a book I read a few years ago, but this particular chapter has always stuck with me…the wonders of God’s grace just blow me away as I think about all he has given me the freedom to have and do despite what I’ve done.

“A few years ago I asked some friends if they would have their two-year-old daughter, Alana, colour me a page out of her colouring book. When Alana coloured, she never worried about lines, realism or symmetry. It never occurred to her hat something could be wrong with her work. Alana coloured the page, and she brought it to me just before the Sunday morning worship service.

She was very proud and excited, anxious for my response. I did respond, in the same manner i imagine most of us would respond: I lied.

“Oh, Alana, thank you for this beautiful drawing. It must have taken you a long time and it’s very special. Thank you again.”

Of course, part of me was thinking, This is terrible. Is red the only colour you could use? How about yellow?  Blue?  Green?  None of your strokes are even close to being within the lines. What’s the matter with you?  Take this back and draw it again-only do it right this time!

But i couldn’t criticize Alana, in part because she exhibited grace, he grace of a child who knows it’s ok to colour outside the lines.  Was she naive?  Sure.

Most of my life I heard the message loud and clear that Christianity was all about colouring within the lines and colouring well. If I was a good Christian, if I loved Jesus and wanted to please Him, if I read my bible, prayed, and went to church, then I would get better and better at colouring. And if i lived a long and godly life, I would eventually be able to draw close to the perfect drawing.

Wherever that message came from, it was a lie. I am fifty-five years old, and my colouring still looks like Alana’s.

I believe God looks at my colouring and says, “Hummmm. You certainly like the colour green! Lots of passion in this stroke. I like it.”

Even as I write those words, i can hear the concern of those who worry about others misunderstanding the gospel. “You’re not suggesting, are you that nothing matters to God? Certainly, God has standards.”

What I am suggesting is that God’s grace is so outside the lines o our understanding that we can only stand in awe and wonder. Christianity is not about learning to live within the lines; Christianity is about the joy of colouring. He grace of God is preposterous enough to accept as beautiful a colouring that anyone else would reject as ugly.”

– Taken from Mike Yaconelli’s “Dangerous Wonder.”

What an awesome freedom we have in Christ, free from constraints of sin thanks to his death for us. Today let’s thank God for the freedom he has given us in his son and the grace he has for us in it. As we look ahead to tomorrow-the start of Spark ’08, pray that God will show you the full freedom you have in him, that you will feel completely yourself as you serve him on the streets, free to do exactly as he has planned.

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time for 08!

Posted by rickhill on January 2, 2008

Happy New Year! It’s exciting all that lies ahead of us in 2008. The countdown is well and truly on until Spark 08. Planning is underway and dreaming continues! We hope you can get on board with what God is doing this year…whatever that means for you…

Anyway, just wanted to recommend a great youth event in Ballymena this Sunday night called “The Risk Factor”. It’s been going for a few years now and is a night dedicated to challenging young people about the need for mission in their lives. Stepping out of the boat and taking risks for God. Why not come along? It’s on this Sunday night (6th Jan) at Wellington Street Halls at 8pm. Great timing, saying as most of us are hitting school or work again the next day!

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this sunday night!

Posted by rickhill on October 19, 2007

Mission’s Flame

Wellington Street Halls, Ballymena

8.15 – 9.45pm

Be there!!

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help needed!

Posted by rickhill on October 11, 2007

We wanted you all to be mega informed about a pretty cool event coming your way in the next 10 days!

Mission’s Flame is happening in Wellington Street Halls on Sunday night 21st October from 8.15 – 9.45pm and promises to be an amazing night of worship, multimedia, prayer and sharing together. It’s a night designed for young people and is acting as a Spark reunion, however, we don’t want to advertise it as this as it is a much wider event than that. Let us explain…

The Mission’s Flame event was birthed 2 years ago out of a desire to draw young people together who had been involved in various summer projects. The idea is that it would be a night to remind us all of the call to serve God in our every day lives and in our various churches, and not just in a summer. And this desire remains the same today!

And so its designed for all of you guys who were involved in Spark 07 in August…but its also open to all other young people in the area who have been in loadsa different things over the last wee while.

This is where we need your help!! Fliers for the event are beginning to wing their way around the place, but we need your help also in getting the word around. Please pass the word on to your friends, tell everyone about it in your schools and churches…and bring others along on the night. You should find a flier for the event below

We are excited to announce that on the night of Mission’s Flame there will be a gift given to everyone who is there. We are in the midst of producing a limited edition reminder of Spark 07 to continue inspiring you in your everyday lives. We’re saying nothing more but let’s just say it’s like Spark 07 captured in a small box!! You’ll find out the rest for yourself on the night! A wee sneak preview may appear on this blog over the next 7 days so keep checking back!

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